Matt Taylor

Belmont Select Board


Do you support the override?


Passing this override is part of a bigger recipe to sustain what makes Belmont exceptional. Large overrides and debt exclusions also hurt affordability, and we must urgently pass meaningful tax relief for our seniors. This override is structured to give us runway to reduce our reliance on residential taxes. It provides some funding for our employees who do a lot with a little to more proactively serve our whole community.

What are your key goals?

Working together to manage and choose the changes we all generally agree upon, and sustain quality of life for our whole community.

  1. Focus on the major difference-makers that affect all residents: commercial growth, excellent education, and investing in the community around our schools.
  2. Unifying our efforts across all departments to work together toward these big goals.
  3. Cultivate an active and representative relationship with our residents through April and beyond.

What is

I founded to help our whole community better understand Belmont—to make the budgets more visual, and great ideas more visible.

Fresh energy, ideas and innovation will boost our whole community and help us manage the changes we need. We can do this work in visible ways so the broad community can better access, understand and appreciate these changes.

How do we keep services high while improving affordability?

Every year we increase commercial growth, we reduce the frequency and size of future overrides and we add new funds to serve residents.

  1. We pass this override in April.
  2. We agree achieving 10% commercial tax base is the change we need to meet our economic reality.
  3. We improve tax relief and housing choices for seniors, especially those on fixed incomes.
  4. We unify our whole community toward our shared goal of 10% commercial, even when the change is difficult.
  5. We strategically adjust staffing to align with excellent core education and commercial growth.

What is your background?

My family moved to Belmont in 2014, and I currently serve on the Warrant Committee and Town Meeting.

Professionally I’m a former CTO with deep experience in building software for data analytics and decision making.  People would describe me as a data scientist, software engineer, start-up executive and advisor. They would say my leadership style is collaborative, people-oriented, and evidence-based.

I graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelors in Computer Science, and have worked building software for handling and analyzing data ever since.


How can I help Matt?

A core value of mine is connecting with and representing our broad community.

  1. Request a yard sign or show your support
  2. Donate any amount to help us reach more residents
  3. Talk to your neighbors and friends about what we are facing in April and beyond.
  4. Keep showing up to help our whole community navigate the changes we need for our bright future.